Having fun with perspective in CSS

Something I'm really not familiar with is CSS, and I must say that since I started this website I'm starting to understand the complexity of the subject..

I've decided to try using TailwindCSS to help me styling my website.

3D Perspective

The other day I found this tweet from @CodyWebHouse

And wanted to try it out myself.

I created a ProfilePicture component:

export default function ProfilePicture () {
  return (
    <figure className={styles.imageContainer}>

And applied the same CSS rules as indicated in the tweet:

.figureCentered {
  @apply text-center;

.imageContainer {
  @apply w-56 h-56;
  perspective: 1500px;
  @apply mx-auto;
  img {
    @apply rounded-full;
    transform: rotate(0);
    transition: .3s;

  &:hover img {
    transform: rotateX(15deg) rotateY(-18deg) rotateZ(3deg);

And Tada! Try and move your mouse over the image to see it rotate to the position I indicated in the transition


You can also checkout this cool tool that help you find the right transform angles to apply to your image: https://svelte.dev/repl/4cc162b7beda497ea220dfbf950e8746?version=3.29.7

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